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Why Choose Houmas Security?

01. Alertness

A good security guard is always alert and aware of his surroundings. It is necessary to constantly stay focused and avoid distractions as much as possible, or risk missing something that could prove important. An unobservant officer might easily overlook something that could put lives in jeopardy, or miss out on witnessing a criminal or thief in action. 

02. Honesty

A good security guard must be honest. They are responsible for securing access to buildings and protecting a business against theft and other crimes. If a security guard is not honest, he might steal or put the company at risk. That is why it is so important for security companies to do thorough background checks on their security guards to make sure that they do not have any criminal history or dishonest activity.

03. Physcially fit

An unfit guard might not be able to perform their role optimally. Being in good physical shape leads to mental alertness. The officer needs to portray a clean professional image, with a neat uniform and their shirt clean and tucked in. A security guard should look well put together and portray themselves and the client in a positive manner. Security is at the forefront of relations with the general public. The officer needs to be courteous and professional at all times.

04. Ability to serve the client's needs

It is essential for a security guard to be detail oriented because he has to perform a lot of tasks and remember details in serving our clients. In addition, the officer needs to be able to follow post orders. Each security officer on duty is assigned a “post” which he is to man. At each assigned post there will be written instructions based on the client’s needs, referred to as “post orders.”  Officers are trained on these specific duties before ever assuming their post.

05. Good Communication Skills

A good Security Guard knows how to communicate effectively both verbally and in their writing skills. Clear, courteous communication can be the deciding factor in handling a tricky situation effectively. Communication also allows the security officer to carefully and accurately document each and every incident of importance, as well as the status of the facility at the close of his/her shift. Also, as important as it is for an officer to be observant and alert for the safety of our clients, the majority of their interaction will be with the employees and customers or clients of the people we protect, so courtesy and a friendly attitude is key.

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